APRIL 16, 2021
It is with great excitement that the owners of Beach Blast, Josh Gluskin & George Shermer, announce a new volleyball venture:
The Volley Zone at Downsview Park.
Many businesses have had to pivot during Covid and we were unable to find a suitable opportunity for Indoor Beach Volleyball so we turned to Court. Our love for the sport of volleyball is deep and includes all versions of our favourite game. Most players begin learning the sport on the court and we plan to offer every age and skill level from 8 to 80 somewhere to learn, play and love the game of volleyball!
Starting April 2021 we have signed a lease to operate these 2 indoor volleyball courts.
The 2 enclosed indoor courts formerly called “The Cages” have a multi- sport surface. Additional sports that can be played will include floor hockey, dodgeball, badminton, European handball, sitting volleyball and many more.
This opportunity came suddenly and we jumped at it. Retirement was getting boring say the 2 owners. We both missed interacting with customers and providing positive healthy experiences since Beach Blast shut its doors at 15 Leswyn in January 2020. Downsview Park is only about 10 minutes from our previous location and many past Beach Blast customers play court volleyball so we didn’t hesitate at all to jump from beach to court. We previously rented indoor beach courts at The Volleyball Canada National Team Training Centre about 400 metres away so are quite familiar with the venue.

Covid restrictions prevent us from opening currently as Toronto is under a stay at home order but we are eager to start and will be sharing information via our www.beachblast.ca website and social media accounts @tobeachblast until we launch the new venture. More than ever, we can use some safe social and active things to do. Friendly competition is something many of us have been missing and with the closure of Beach Blast and North Beach, volleyball doesn’t have a place to call home in Toronto. School permits have been cancelled and people are extremely limited in where they can play and who knows when that will change!
The courts are located inside The Hangar Sport and Events Centre at Downsview Park. 75 Carl Hall Road, Toronto, ON, M3K 2B9.

You can contact us by email at josh@beachblast.ca or phone 416-222-3577.
Visit our website or social media @beachblastto for updates.



In the city of Toronto our focus is to create opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to learn, play and love the sport of volleyball.



  • 2 indoor volleyball hard courts at The Hangar Sport and Events Centre at Downsview Park
  • 8 outdoor courts at Caledonia Park

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