Volleypalooza is an All Inclusive Adult Weekend Volleyball Tournament and Party.
STAY, PLAY & PARTY with your teammates and all the Volleypaloozers!

What does All Inclusive Mean?
All meals, beverages (adult & soft drinks), cabin accommodations, 2 day volleyball tournament, other camp activities & nightly socials are included!

Where is VOLLEYPALOOZA being held?
Volleypalooza will be held at at Camp Walden (located just North of Bancroft, Ontario) Camp Walden is the home to the legendary Madawaska Volleyball Camp that you may have heard of. Beach & Grass Courts are available

When is Volleypalooza?
September 28, 29 & 30, 2018. Arrive Friday & depart Sunday

How do I register for Volleypalooza?
Contact Josh at 416-222-3577 with a mastercard or visa to book your spot.

What is the cost to participate in Volleypalooza?
New!! STAY & PLAY option includes everything but participation in the 2 day organized volleyball tournament. Cost is $349 + hst per person. Check out the weekend schedule
No Team required for this option. Register Online or Contact Josh at 416-222-3577 with a mastercard or visa to book your spot. Includes Food, Drink, Lodging, Access to activities including pick up volleyball, tennis, basketball, water sports and the 2 socials Fri & Sat night with no early wake up requirement

FULL Volleypalooza Registration is $399 + hst per person . . You must be part of a team for this Registration.  Includes everything – Food- Drinks- 2 Day Tournament- 2 Evening Socials & Access to all the Camp activities (basketball, tennis, water sports)

NEW 24 HOUR OPTION. We have gotten a lot of requests from people that can only come Saturday & stay 1 night , so now they can join in the fun:

1 day Volleypalooza Registration is $249 + hst per person . You must be part of a team for this Registration.  Includes everything – Food- Drinks- 2 Day Tournament- Sat Evening Socials & Access to all the Camp activities (basketball, tennis, water sports). Arrive Sat morning and depart Sunday afternoon

1 day STAY & PLAY option includes everything but participation in the 2 day organized volleyball tournament. Cost is $199 + hst per person. Check out the weekend schedule
No Team required for this option. Register Online or Contact Josh at 416-222-3577 with a mastercard or visa to book your spot. Includes Food, Drink, Lodging, Access to activities including pick up volleyball, tennis, basketball, water sports and the social on Sat night with no early wake up requirement on Sunday. Arrive Sat morning and depart Sunday afternoon

Volleypalooza is going to be the first of its kind in Canada! Organized by lifelong volleyball players to provide the ultimate opportunity to create life long friends, shared experiences and memories.

To register for the Full all inclusive weekend, please contact Josh at 416-222-3577 with a mastercard or visa to book your spot.  For the Stay & Play option (no tournament included), please click the link below.

In a beautiful and rustic camp cabin at Camp Walden!
https://www.campwalden.ca/38483 Highway 28 Palmer Rapids, ON K0J 2E0

You will live with your teammates in a shared cabin! As part of the registration process, you will be asked for your “cabin requests” where you can tell us who, ie other teams you want to live with. Cabins will have approximately 12 adults in each cabin so we will try to accommodate your requests but no guarantees.

Teams that wish to stay in a private cabin with only their own team can upgrade to a private cabin for an additional fee. There are a limited number of these private cabins available and will be reserved on a first come first served basis. The team fee is $200 for up to the maximum team roster size in your division (4s= max 6 ppl & 6s= max 10 ppl).

All attendees must be a minimum of 19 years old.

Arrival at Camp Walden will be anywhere from 4pm-9:30pm on Friday September 28.
If you are unable to arrive during this window please plan to arrive Saturday at 7:30am
Departure will be Sunday September 30 anytime between 1-2:30pm

Camp style dining in 1 massive dining hall is an amazing experience. Share stories about the day and meet the other participants. Enjoy classic camp favourites with a healthy approach to feed our active adult guests with discerning tastes. Our kitchen can accommodate vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets as well as other allergies and dietary restrictions. Please note: this weekend will not be nut free

Once you have reviewed the various divisions that you can enter you can register by calling Josh at Beach Blast at 416 222 3577.
The payment process is as follows:

Team Captains will provide the Team Name, Division of play, Playing surface (Beach or Grass), Roster and provide a non refundable payment for themselves of $399 + hst by Mastercard or Visa.
A  team roster must be submitted to Beach Blast and all individual team members must then contact Beach Blast directly at 416 222 3577 to pay for their registration by the payment deadlines.

If you are unable to attend we give you the right to transfer your registration but you must notify us in writing by September 15, 2018 of any changes.

Beach Blast must receive full payment for each member of the team  on their roster by Sept 15 and all teams must meet certain minimum team roster size.

Teams that do not have the minimum roster size paid in full may not participate in the tournament.

No individuals can enter Camp Walden for Volleypalooza unless the team roster has them on it and they have been paid for in full.

Examples of Team sizes and their payments:

If you are playing in the 4s division and the team has 5 players the cost is $399 + hst x 5

If you are playing in the Beach Blitz division the total team cost is $399 + hst x 2


All 4s teams must have a minimum of 4 paid people and a maximum of 6 people

All Beach Blitz teams must have a minimum of 2 paid people (1 male & 1 female) and a maximum of 2 people

The regular per person price will be $349-$389 + hst.

We understand. All Inclusive plus the ability to enjoy the other camp activities (including pick up volleyball) or watch your friends play is still a great way to spend a weekend.
Purchase a 2 day STAY & PLAY PASS for only  $349 + hst or a 1 day STAY & PLAY PASS (valid for arrival Saturday to departure Sunday) for $199 + hst

No. But if you are interested, please let us know. If we have enough interest, we will offer a round-trip coach bus at an additional cost of approx. $75-100 from a central Toronto or Ottawa location

If you’re looking to hitch a ride with a fellow camper or you have space in your car, please join our Volleypalooza Facebook Ride Share to work together to get everyone to camp! This is a great way to save some money and the environment! If you find yourself with a ticket to the weekend and no way to get there, please let us know, we’re here to help!

There is no cell service at Camp Walden. Enjoy the digital detox. Limited wi-fi service may be available

There are additional fees for Casino Night ($20-$100) should be plenty. Otherwise, everything is included and you can enjoy a weekend without a need for a wallet or purse or European Carry All

We will be serving alcohol (beer, coolers & booze) on Friday night, Saturday afternoon & night (all included in your ticket price). You cannot bring your own alcohol. Any outside alcohol will be taken away & returned at your departure. Please drink responsibly.

The week prior to Volleypalooza we will send you final details!


Friday September 28:
4pm- Arrivals begin. The Bar is Open until 2am
4pm-6:30pm: Camp Activities open including Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Waterfront (swimming, canoe, kayak, stand up paddleboarding)
7pm- Dinner
9:30pm- Evening Social, DJ, Party Games & Snack
Lights Out- your choice!

Saturday September 29:
7am- Sunrise Yoga
7:45am- Breakfast Buffet
10am- Beach Volleyball Tournament commences
10am – 11:30am Stay & Play guests – Optional Pick Up Beach Volleyball + Beach Volleyball Clinic led by Erik Mattson (USport National Champion with University of Alberta & Libero of the Year, Professional player & long time Madawaska camper & staff)
10:30am- Stay & Play Guests Options:
Waterfront open for swim, kayak, canoe & SUP, Basketball, Tennis, Archery, Beach Volleyball, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Ultimate Frisbee
11am: Bar Opens until 2am
11:30-12:30: Fitness with Nikita Curins of Pentagon Fitness
12:15pm- BBQ Lunch
1:30pm -Beach Volleyball Tournament afternoon session
2pm- Waterfront open for swim, kayak, canoe & SUP
2pm- Stay & Play Guests Optional Basketball 3 on 3 Tournament.
4:30pm- Afternoon Snack & Camp Wide Soccer Baseball Tournament
5:30pm- Free Time
7pm- Dinner
9:30pm- Evening Social & Snack- Charity Casino
Lights Out- your choice!

Sunday September 30:
8:30am- Breakfast Buffet
10:30am- Beach Volleyball Tournament Playoffs for all teams
11am- Stay & Play Guests- Salsa & Bachata lesson- with Janice Nieva- Bio: Janice Nieva’s entire career has been focused on fitness, sports, and Latin Dancing. After her first year of dancing, she won many Toronto salsa and bachata competitions and continues to perform at various events. She has been teaching for over 3 years. She brings incredible positive energy, passion & fun to her lessons, making it easy to learn.

11am-12pm:: Fitness with Nikita Curins of Pentagon Fitness
11am- Stay & Play Guests Options:
Waterfront open for swim, kayak, canoe & SUP
Ziplining , Basketball, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Archery, Rock Climbing, Ultimate Frisbee
12:30pm- BBQ Lunch & Final Camp Wide Activity – to be announced
1pm-2pm- Departure


Beach Blitz Division:
Register as a Co-Ed Pair and play 4s with & against the other Beach Blitz pairs
A (Competitive)
B (Intermediate).
Volleypalooza will be the launch of the 2018/19 Beach Blitz season.
Earn double points towards Player of The Year.
Played on Sand

Beach Mixed 4s Competitive Division:

Minimum 1 female playing at all times.

Description: Experienced and skilled volleyball players with good ball control and good attacking. Blocking the best attackers will be necessary and tight application of rules.

Beach Mixed 4s Intermediate Division:

Minimum 1 female playing at all times.

Description: Players with some experience and play 4s regularly but didn’t have high level training as a youth. Ball Control is decent but unforced errors do occur. Decent hitters on good sets. Some amount of blocking may be necessary against the bigger hitters. Slightly more lenient application of ball handling rules.



■ Co–Ed 4s Teams must have a minimum of 4 players (2 females minimum) playing at all times
■ Mixed 4s Teams must have a minimum of 4 players (1 female minimum) playing at all times
■ Beach Blitz Teams must have a minimum of 4 players (2 females & 2 males minimum) playing at all times
■ Substitutions in Co-Ed or Mixed 4s are allowed to enter after the serving position
■ Teams must call their own violations (net, lifts, doubles, in/out)
We rely on your spirit of sportsmanship and honesty to keep the matches fun and enjoyable for all. If there is a dispute and the captains cannot resolve it in a timely and peaceful manner, please re-serve.
■ All players can spike and block from anywhere on court (ie- everyone is front row)
■ Serving Rotation must be maintained
■ Players may play the ball off any part of their body (except on serve)
■ If a ball enters your court during a rally, please call ball, stop play and re-serve the point.

SERVINGServes that hit the net and go over are in play.
Only 1 service toss is allowed. No blocking or attacking serves. 8 seconds to serve the ball from time you get the ball on the service line (ie- no stalling intentionally)
There is no screening allowed on serve. If the opponent asks you to move you must comply
It is a violation to touch the service line when serving.
No Spike Serving in B or Intermediate Divisions

SERVE RECEIVE: Overhand volleying is NOT allowed on serve receive,
(Beach 2s Rules- Hands must be together. Contact must be percussive – no double or lift)

DEFENSE: Indoor rules (double contacts are legal but lifts are illegal) for overhand digging on defense, free balls (volleys are allowed even on non hard driven balls)
A double-hit is also permitted on a hard-driven spike/hit

BLOCKING: A block is not considered a contact (you can block it and play it up yourself for the 1st contact.
Ball cannot be played on the opponent’s side of the net. (except on blocks after the opponents have completed an attack hit)
if a setter is trying to set a teammate, you can’t reach over the net and block that set

VOLLEYING: When intentionally volleying balls across net- players body and shoulders must be square to the target (backwards is OK).
Balls that are volleyed and unintentionally cross the net due to wind are legal

TIPPING: No open hand tips. Pokeys (knuckles), roll shots, back of hand, heel of hand, fist and cobra (with straight, locked fingers and a locked wrist) are legal.

LINE CALLS: If a Ball touches the line it is in. A line that moves because of sand jumping that the ball did not hit is out


Players may NOT touch the net at any time during play (hair does not count)
Players are NOT allowed to catch, throw, push, scoop, lift, or carry the ball
No centerline violation, however players that cross the net and interfere with the opponents are in violation
Players cannot play on 2 teams in same event
If there are no antennae on the nets any balls that pass over the net clearly beyond the imaginary boundary would be out
Spin ball for choice of serve OR receive OR side. 2nd game choice alternates & re spin for game 3
1 Time Out of 30 seconds per team each game
Players must compete in at least 2 Matches of the round robin to play in the playoffs
All players must sign waiver and fill out roster to be eligible to play
Warm Up Time: tbd.
Teams must score and line when scheduled or may forfeit future games
If a team has an injured player and no substitutes they must play with 3 players (maintaining minimum female /male requirements). If the other team allows the short handed team to use a substitution that player must be approved by the opponent and the tournament director. You must attempt to select a player of equal or lesser caliber than the injured player.
Tournament Director can make new rulings if not covered previously.

All Info is subject to change without notice

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Camp Walden – How to Be a Kid Again

Camp is a simple place, a throwback to easier times when fun was the only priority. So when you come for a stay, be sure to let your hair down, throw on an old pair of sneakers and release your inner child!

But just like our regular campers, inner children need limits! Our traditions and rules maintain the special camp atmosphere and make it both safe and fun for everyone.

Eat, Drink and be Merry… nourish body and soul

  1. Broken glass is not fun! No glass bottles at camp, please.
    2. Also not fun? Allergic reactions. Camp is a nut-free zone. Leave all nut products at home.
    3. Help yourself to cold water right out of the tap – it’s safe. Just let it run for a second.
    4. Camp is a delicious place that will meet your individual food needs. If you make a food request, please follow it once you have arrived so that our meals are equally good for everyone.
    5. Uncork to unwind! Our bartenders will happily offer you everything we have. They are wonderful camp people who enjoy getting to know you. Be sure to say hi and smile back when they hand you a lovely tipple.

The Good Times Roll… when you roll with camp traditions

  1. Speaking of our staff…they are all experts in camp life and having fun. Consider them the wise elders (even if younger than you). Talk to each one you meet, ask questions, shake a hand, slap a back….You know, all the friendly stuff.
    7. Our summer campers have been writing on the walls for years. Your inner child knows better. Please no graffiti.
    8. You also know better than to leave anything behind in your cabin when you leave. Take your single sock and wet towel home!
    9. Summer campers go screen-free when they’re here. Give yourself a break from electronic devices: let everyone know you’ll be away from your phone and then leave it in the cabin. The world will continue to spin on its axis without you! Yes, there is Wifi for emergencies.
    10. If you hear music on the PA system, it means that something wonderful is about happen. Often, a meal. Check your schedule and listen to any announcements for updates.
    11. Park your vehicle in the main parking lot. Once you are here, it’s foot power only. If you need to leave, let a staff member know so no-one gets worried and goes looking for you.

Safety Is No Accident…let’s look out for each other

  1. Even adults need to be careful around water. Follow all instructions posted at the waterfront and always wear a lifejacket when outside the swim area – in a boat or on a paddleboard or inflatable. Also, there is no swimming or water activities before sunrise, after sunset, or without waterfront staff.13. Fire is also a thing. If you are the last person at a firepit at the end of the night, use the nearby hose to extinguish it until it’s cold enough to touch. Be patient. This can take a few minutes.
    14. If you smoke, your cigarette butts go only in the butt cans provided, never on the ground or in the trash. Your mother told you not to litter, and you don’t want to be the fool who starts a fire.
  2. A nurse is available here 24/7. Keep any meds you need with you, and let a staff member know if you ever need to contact the nurse.
  3. Everyone wants to enjoy their time without any form of harassment. Camp Walden has zero tolerance for harassing behaviour. Direct any issue (big or small) in full confidence to our Venue Producer or Director.
  4. Emergencies are also a real thing. If you hear “Emergency, Emergency, make your way to the Upper Basketball Courts” Please do just that.



We have over 50,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor sandbox courts, offering the best for your special beach event!

Weather is always guaranteed, just bring your playtime :)

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